Sunday, January 24, 2010

Schedule of Classes and Assignments

Jan 20

Introduction: What is Neighborhood Narratives?
The history of the class, case studies. Equipment check out. Overview.

Assigned Reading: PDF of The Neighborhood Narratives Project from

Assignment: Leave a trail of your path and have partner find/follow it.

Jan 25

Overview review for students who are new.
Review of Projects
Review of reading
Integration of Blogs

What I carry with me. The bag exercise. The archeology of everyday life. Create your blog. Daniel Spoerri – An Anecdoted Topography of Chance. History of the Avante-garde.

Psychogeography: One Block Radius (GlowLab)

Reading: Links on the blog to avante-garde, Daniel Spoerri et all. Look for more links posted.
Assignment: Collect an archeological trail of Tuesday. Photograph.

Jan 27

Lab: Create a Flickr account and load the photos into Flickr. Link Flickr to your blog.

Assignment for Feb. 1 - catch up on all exercises and the reading so far.

Feb. 1

Guest speaker - Steve Bull. Cell phones and their creative possibilities.
Review of assignments. Presentation of Locative projects.
Assigned reading: Ambient Findability, chapter 2

Feb. 3

In class discussion about all readings
Walking in New Brunswick.
Creative Assignment - autobiography into google MyMaps

Feb. 8

Review of Assignment
Break up into teams
Large team assignment for Feb. 17
Reading assignment (handouts in class)
Relational Aesthetics, Nicholas Bourriaud
The Critique of the Everyday, Henri Lefebvre

Feb. 17

Presentation of projects on site.

Feb. 22

Critique of projects
Readings due, 3 discussion prompt questions posted to your blog.

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