Sunday, April 4, 2010


Some examples, far out and not:

Joseph Beuys, German conceptual artist:

Fluxus manifesto:

White Manifesto by Lucio Fontana, "We are continuing the evolution of art."

The Italian Futurists wrote many manifestos. They wrote manifestos on everything from art to clothing.

This show in Chelsea (Oct. 23 - Dec. 20) has some beautiful work which translates Zapatista manifestos into musical scores (each letter of the alphabet which is also a note, becomes that note, and everything else is a pause/silence.) Kent Gallery, 541 West 25th Street

The Dogme95 film-making manifesto that I mentioned in class

You'll love this one: The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism, Thomas Marinetti 1905

The Situationist Manifesto

And this is the manifesto that will help you with the entire assignment and final project The Manifesto of Possibilities

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