Sunday, March 7, 2010

As you head up the ramp, please follow me

You are greated by a 12 year old girl who says "Please follow me." Following her into a side alcove, she asks, "What does progress mean to you?" Then she talks with you a bit about that while she walks with you and then introduces you to a teen ager, who picks up the conversation. He talks and walks with you as you continue up the ramp and then introduces you to a slightly older adult. Each time (so far) the "interpreter" gives a synopsis of what you have discussed to the next person so that the conversation has some continuity. This interpreter asks you questions and tries to draw you out. Suddenly they disappear behind a post in mid-conversation and you are immediately collected by an older adult, who will then relay a story about something that they are thinking about related to "progress." You are asked to listen and then they introduce you to a much older adult who engages you in a conversation about "progress" and questions your values. By the end of the conversation, you have reached the top of the museum. You can look down and see the couple kissing, and the perspective of the museum. Photography is not allowed. Nor are cell phones. I txted a friend not to miss this and shot some pictures.

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