Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schedule for the rest of the semester

March 22

Review Put Something Here
David Gordon presents John Cage
Assignment: John Cage reading

Assigned Reading: Locative Arts
Assignment: Following

March 24

Review Put Something Here for those who have not presented
Sophie Calle/Jean Baudrillard - Please Follow Me
Janet Cardiff - Walks
Review John Cage - live sound and reverse engineering
surveillance, voyeurism
GPS devices available for anyone who wants to use one...
Assignment: Following, Read Jean Baudrillard

March 29

Review Put Something Here: Variation II for those who are doing a second version
Review Following
Assignment: Read Locative Arts

March 31

Filming the class??
Liminal Spaces, Interstice, Creativity and the Public Commons, what have we been doing? Review/discussion/presentation of several Locative Media projects
Maybe outside, weather depending...

April 5

The final project, presentation of ideas; the manifesto

April 7

Maybe no class - Final Project meeting

April 12

Final Project - location confirmation, project development

April 14

Haven't decided yet

April 19

Final Projects: Variation I

April 21

All manifestos due
Assignment: read each other's manifestos and see how they relate to Variation I

April 26

Final Projects: Variation II

April 28

Final Critique and wrap up.

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