Sunday, March 7, 2010

Speaking of Relational Aesthetics

A fabulous exhibition at the Guggenheim in NY, Tino Sehgal (b. 1976, London) "constructs situations that defy the traditional context of museum and gallery environments, focusing on the fleeting gestures and social subtleties of lived experience rather than on material objects. Sehgal's works nevertheless fulfill all the parameters of a traditional artwork with the exception of inanimate materiality. They are presented continuously during the operating hours of the museum, they can be bought and sold, and by virtue of being repeatable, they can persist over time." (Guggenheim catalogue 2010)

Sehgal's practice has been shaped by his studies in dance and economics, while using the museum and related institutions - galleries, art fairs, private collections - as its arena. He considers visual art to be a microcosm of our social reality, as both center on identical economic conditions: the production of goods and their subsequent circulation. Sehgal seeks to reconfigure these conditions by producing meaning and value through a transformation of actions rather than solid materials.

...a visitor is no longer a passive spectator but one who bears a responsibilty in shaping and even contributing to the actual realization of the piece.

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